The State House

The State House: Florida

After leaving the small town of Eufaula, Alabama, we followed the state border south, crossing into Georgia at a strange town named Fort Gaines.  Fort Gaines is apparently half in Alabama and half in Georgia.  They want you to be very clear which state you are in.  Every store, street sign, or advertisement we saw… Continue reading The State House: Florida

The State House

The State House: Georgia

On our way out of Atlanta, we had to make one more stop: the Georgia State Capitol.  By this time, we were all hot, sweaty, tired, and more than a little crabby.  Thanks, Hotlanta.  When parking was not immediately visible in the area near the capitol, we chose to just do a drive-by on this… Continue reading The State House: Georgia

The State House

The State House: Tennessee

We didn’t plan to stop for long in Nashville on the way south from Mammoth Caves, but we did want to see the Tennessee State Capitol to add to our collection.   This is where our evening started to go south (no pun intended).  Downtown Nashville is a nightmare.  One way streets coupled with zero… Continue reading The State House: Tennessee