The Route

Southeast Road Trip: Kentucky

Since Indiana had proven to be full of construction and sketchy gas stations, we were not sad to cross the border into Kentucky.   No one but M had been to Kentucky before, so we had no idea what the area would be like.  I’m not sure I really even had any preconceived ideas about… Continue reading Southeast Road Trip: Kentucky

The Route

Southeast Road Trip: Indiana

Illinois had given us two gems on this trip: a rooster in a top hat and a gentle giant with a sandwich.  Where could we possibly go that would top that? Our next leg of the trip would take us into Indiana.  This state was new for G and J.  The rest of us had… Continue reading Southeast Road Trip: Indiana

Road Side Stops

Road Side Stop: Paul Bunyon with a Hot Dog – Atlanta, Illinois

After photographing a fowl in a fedora (rooster in a top hat…close enough), we headed down the road to the town of Atlanta, Illinois.  Ever heard of it?  No?  Not surprised.  There isn't much there.  It’s pretty small, but they do have one big draw…a giant statue of Paul Bunyon with a hot dog.  … Continue reading Road Side Stop: Paul Bunyon with a Hot Dog – Atlanta, Illinois

The Route

2017 Family RoadTrip – The Southeastern United States I completely fell off the blogging wagon for the last 6 months. Sorry. Life is just too busy. But for some reason I've picked up a bunch of new followers the last few days which has pretty much kicked my rear into gear. In late July and early August of 2017, we took our… Continue reading 2017 Family RoadTrip – The Southeastern United States

The Route

Colorado Road Trip: Nebraska

After leaving Wind Cave, we drove south to the South Dakota/Nebraska border.  We were finished exploring South Dakota for this trip.  Our trip through Nebraska would cover only the northwest corner of the state this time around.  We had several stops on our list, though. We would start with overnight in Alliance, followed by a… Continue reading Colorado Road Trip: Nebraska