Moments in History: Harry S. Truman National Historic Site

Just across the river from Kansas is the town of Independence, Missouri.  After lunch, we headed to Independence for one final historical stop.  Originally this was going to be just a quick stop at the Visitor Center so the kids could get their Jr. Ranger badges.  It turned into more.


The Harry S. Truman National Historic Site has a very small visitor center.  There is a short movie and a couple of artifacts.  Really not much.  The importance of the visitor center is to sign up for a tour of the Truman Home.  We hadn’t planned to do it because we had the kids and didn’t think they would be interested.  However, they all begged to go on the tour, so we couldn’t pass it up!  They’d had such a great experience at Brown vs. Board of Education that they were really excited to tour a President’s Home.


You do have to travel a few blocks to get to the home, but there is plenty of parking if it’s too hot to walk (which it was the day we were there).  You are not allowed to take to photos inside the house, so all I have is outside pictures.  The ranger that did the tour was really knowledgable and had a lot of great trivia to share.  I would definitely recommend stopping here if you get a chance!


Now it’s time to head back home!


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