The State House: Kansas

Yesterday we’d had a nice drive across the state of Kansas.  Today was the last day of our trip, and we were starting out in Topeka with a trip to the State Capitol.

Kansas’s state capitol building is really beautiful on the outside.  It’s also huge! Do you see that statue on the top of the dome?  Remember that…it’s important later.

We were there early in the morning, but the capitol was open.  They were having free tours of the dome, which sounded interesting so we went up to the third floor and waited for our tour group.  From the third floor you could look down over the balconies to the first floor.  One interesting thing about the Kansas capitol is that looking down over the balcony, you can see the letter representing the cardinal direction from which you are looking.  In other words, if you are on the South side of the balcony,  you look down and see the letter S.  You could also look up and see the dome…or so we thought.

As it turned to, this was the inner dome.  Where the tour went?  That was the outer dome.  There are stairs that take you literally up behind the dome you see in the above pictures.


This is the inside of the dome you see from below.  See those stairs?  We’d already come up about halfway.  This was where the kids and I gave up.  The little ones were scared, and C didn’t want to admit he was scared but when given the chance to quit, he was quick to say yes.  So we went back downstairs and hung out in the museum while M went up.  (No pictures of the museum – M took my camera.)

My continued on up those stairs – 296 of them.  That is the top of the dome you see from the outside.  So, where do those stairs go???

Thats the very top right there.  And from the top, he could look up and the arm of the statue on top of the dome was right above him.  He also had a great view of Topeka.

When he came down, M said it was a good thing the rest of us quit.  There was no way G or J would have gone out on the balcony.  There is a reason the gift shop sells t-shirts that say I Made it to the Top.  Not that many people do.  But he did learn about somewhere else we could go that was close by, and we decided to go ahead and add a stop to our trip.


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