Road Side Stop: Largest Czech Egg in the World

After a disappointing stop at the World’s Largest Easel, we continued our drive across Kansas.  About 2 1/2 hours from Goodland is the town of Wilson, Kansas.  Wilson is home to the Largest Czech Egg in the World.


The egg is housed in a pavilion in the center of town.  There really isn’t a sign or anything telling why it is here, so I can’t give you any history on this.  Once again it was just a nice place to stop and stretch after a few hours in the car.  The egg was really pretty, but you have to wonder why.


We had originally planned to stop in Wilson for dinner, but we were making really good time, and it was not anywhere close to time for food yet.  So we decided to drive on and just find something as we got closer to our destination for the night – Topeka.

Around Manhattan we started to get hungry, and knowing it was a college town, we figured there would be someplace to stop.  I got on Yelp and was pointed in the direction of a place called Little Grill.  I plugged the address into the GPS and we started driving.  We were literally out in the middle of nowhere, and had just about given up convinced we’d made a wrong turn, when we found it.  A bright yellow building.


We could smell the food from outside and our mouths started watering.   We headed in and were instantly impressed.  This is a Caribbean place with live music, bright decor, and great food.


I ordered the jerk chicken with red beans and rice, which was absolutely perfect.  Hands down the best food of the whole trip, and we just stopped on a whim!  If you find yourselves in the Manhattan area, please go check out the Little Grill!

After dinner, we drove on down the road to Topeka to stop for the night.


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