Road Side Stops

Road Side Stop: Lazy B Chuckwagon

August 5 was a busy day.  We spent hiked 6 miles up and down Deer Mountain before returning to our hotel to rest for an hour.  Our final stop in Estes Park was the Lazy B Chuckwagon dinner and cowboy show.

We wound through the outskirts of town to avoid the overly crowded downtown, and I enjoyed our last view of Longs Peak for this trip as M drove into a large field turned into a parking lot.  We walked the equivalent of two blocks to the show area.  Those with difficulty walking, or those who chose not to walk, could hop a ride in a golf cart driven boy a cowboy or cowgirl.  We met up with my extended family (my parents, sister, brother-in-law, 2 aunts and 2 uncles) and searched for a table that sat 13.  The dinner seating is in a big tent.  I would estimate it is about 30 by 50 feet.  The tent was complete with red and white checked plastic tablecloths, tin plates, and horseshoes on the wall, giving it a distinct cowboy flair.  Each night, one young boy and young girl are chosen to ring the dinner triangle, and on this night, the cowboy chose J.


Following some announcements about the evening’s festivities, we filled our plates.  In case you don’t hear the announcements, hold onto your tin plate underneath the peach.  Tin retains heat.  Dinner includes a choice of brisket, pulled pork, or both; baked beans; a baked potato; a biscuit; and half of a canned peach.  The meal also comes with brownies for dessert and your choice of lemonade or iced tea to drink.


I chose the brisket, and it was perfectly cooked with a delicious smoky flavor. Brisket has  a tendency to be fatty, but this was well trimmed.  The baked beans had a smoky undertone, but still held on to their brown sugar sweetness. If you drink the tea, be aware that it is sweet tea. I don’t like sweetener in my tea, so to me this was gross.  Southerners should love it.

Next door to the dinner tent is the show room, where we all gathered after the meal.  The show was a country-western musical revue.  The band sang in tune and cracked child-appropriate jokes.  Not the kind of music I listen to on a regular basis, but it was a fun way to end our trip.  The Willie Nelson impersonator sang many well-known tunes, and J now has a new favorite song – “On the Road Again”.


The night ended around 10pm, but the next day was a travel day, giving us several hours in the car to rest.


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