Road Side Stop: Lazy B Chuckwagon

On our last night in Estes Park, we rested up after our hike and then headed off to have dinner and some entertainment with my extended family.  We were headed to the Lazy B Chuckwagon dinner and cowboy show.

We arrived at the show area and parked.  Then we had to walk a little way to get to the show area.  There were golf carts for people to ride if they needed a little help, but we were fine with the walk.  Upon arrival, we had to find a table that would fit all of us.  The dinner seating is in a big, and I mean BIG, tent.  Complete with red and white checked plastic tablecloths and everything.  J was chosen to ring the dinner triangle.


Then we got to go fill our plates.  The food here is really yummy!!  You have your choice of brisket or pulled pork (or both), baked beans, baked potatoes, biscuits, and peaches.  Brownies for dessert, and lemonade or tea to drink.


Everything was just perfect.  But if you drink the tea, beware.  It is SWEET tea. I don’t like sweetener in my tea, so to me this was gross.  But southerners should love it.

After dinner, we all headed next door to the show room.  The show was a cowboy western singing show.  The band was really good.  Not really the kind of music I would listen to on a regular basis, but it was a fun way to end our trip.  The Willie Nelson impersonator was great, and J now has a new favorite song – On the Road Again.

It was a late night, but we were going to be doing a lot of driving the next day, so it was a good chance to rest.


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