Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path: Sombrero Stables

After a busy day rock climbing and exploring downtown Estes Park, we had a relaxing morning of horseback riding scheduled for the second day.  G loves horses, and I have great memories of riding in the mountains as a kid, so I knew right away this was something we had to do.  Later in the trip, we would be going to a dinner show with some extended family, and as part of the tickets for that show you got a discount on a trail ride with Sombrero Stables.  Unfortunately, it was only good for the two-hour ride, and I had kind of hoped to go for the three-hour one.  But I called the company, and they were happy to work it out so we got the equivalent amount off of the three-hour ride.

We had chosen to ride out of Morraine Park.  We showed up a little early, but had fun just watching the horses for a while.  When it was our turn, we were each assigned to a horse based on experience, age, and size.

The kids were each given a quarter horse.  M got a Percheron.  If you aren’t familiar with horses, a Percheron is a draft horse, which means she was a BIG horse.  That was funny enough, but then they brought out Honey.  My “horse”.  She was a Fjord pony.  And not only was she small, she was SLOW and had a nasty attitude.  She nipped at a couple of horses who got too close to her.  And at one point one of the kids actually passed her on the trail because she refused to go the same pace as everyone else.


Then we were off on our three-hour tour.  It was a beautiful day for a ride, and we saw some gorgeous scenery.


All too soon, the ride came to an end.  Everyone had a great time.  I would definitely recommend Sombrero for a good way to see the mountains.  The guides were really friendly and gave a lot of good information.  After dismounting, we headed for a picnic lunch before meeting up with family for a relaxing afternoon.


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