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Made in the USA: Patterson Glassworks Studio & Gallery

After leaving the Alluvial Fan, we headed to downtown Estes Park.  We parked up on Elkhorn Avenue and decided to walk around a bit.  For mid-summer, it wasn’t as crowded as I had thought it might be.  We were able to find a parking spot pretty fast, and went directly to another place M and I remembered fondly – Patterson Glassworks.

Watching glassblowing is really fun, and this guy is about the best I’ve seen.  He’s fascinating, and super friendly.  The kids were simply mesmerized.  We watched him make a yard ornament.  Then we wandered around the shop before watching him make another one.


As he closes the shop at 4:30, it was time to move on and we headed over to let the kids put their feet in the water.  They weren’t expecting how cold the water would be!


After this, we walked around downtown.  J was fascinated by the taffy pulling machines.


It was about dinner time, so we stopped for a delicious Italian meal at Mama Rosa’s, a place I remembered from past summers.  It was wonderful, and we were able to eat on the porch and take in the views, which was nice.


After filling our bellies, we walked back up the street to our car and headed off for a short swim at the hotel.  We had an early morning appointment with some horses the next day.


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