Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path: The Fall River Alluvial Fan

Our first full day in Estes Park, we woke up at Brynwood and headed out for an early breakfast and then went to introduce the kids to the mountains.  The plan for the day was acclimating to the altitude and letting the kids explore the town where I’d spent so many summer vacations.  M had been here once before and had fallen in love with one particular place – The Alluvial Fan on the Fall River.


For a little history lesson, click here.  You can climb the rocks on either side of Fall River.  We weren’t sure how much the kids would be up for so we decided to start on the side closest to the parking lot, which was the West side of the river.  The climbing here is relatively easy and even J’s little legs could handle it.  We climbed all over everywhere, and enjoyed the spray of the water.

After about an hour of climbing on the rocks, we were getting a little hungry, so we headed back down to the parking lot and got our picnic lunch from the car.  There were several picnic tables around the parking area, and the kids really wanted to continue climbing after lunch, so we chose to just stick around and eat there.


We had several new friends come to see us while we were eating.  One little chipmunk was pretty much right under our feet most of the time.  Obviously people have been feeding them.  They were not afraid of us at all.

After lunch, we headed over to the East side of the river and did some more hiking.  Everyone was having a great time, and this was a fun way to start our trip.

We stayed here for about 3 more hours until we were all hot and thirsty and ready to do something else.  Then we decided to head into town and do some more exploring.


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