The State House

The State House: Wyoming

Our first (and only) stop in Wyoming was Cheyenne.  It wasn’t in the cards to head farther into the state on this trip, but I promise we will be back to explore in the future!  So, there won’t be a must-eat post for this state.  We were in Cheyenne for about an hour and it wasn’t quite dinner time, so we decided to skip our dinner plans in Wyoming and go on.

What really surprises me looking back is that we were in Cheyenne for only an hour.  There are a lot of states where you can’t drive through the major city in an hour, but we were in, made 2 stops, and back out in that amount of time.  I really expected Cheyenne to be bigger.  It was a nice town, but not what I usually expect from a capital city.  That’s what makes these trips fun – exploring the differences in various parts of the country.

Our first stop, and the only place we had planned to stop originally, was the state house.  Unfortunately, Wyoming’s capitol building was closed for reconstruction.  It seems like that would become a theme on this trip.  So we were only able to stop and take pictures of the outside of the building, just like in South Dakota.


One difference from the capitol in Pierre was the grounds.  In South Dakota, the capitol was surrounded by open spaces and a lake.  In Cheyenne, the capitol building is right in the middle of downtown.  It took up a city block in the center of the city.  There were a few statues around the capitol, and this guy looked like he wanted his photo taken.


After a few minutes of capitol-watching, we decided to walk about 10 blocks down the street to the current home of the capitol gift shop, which had been relocated during construction.  It was a nice walk, and we ended up finding something else to do while we were there.


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