The Snack: Goodrich Ice Cream

After leaving Scotts Bluff National Monument, we were all a little hungry and extremely hot.  That made it the perfect time to stop for the must have snack of Nebraska: Goodrich Ice Cream.


I swear, on our next trip I will do better about taking pictures of hotels and food.  Whether the rest of them like it or not.

The all-knowing internet just raves about Goodrich ice cream.  This was declared the must eat snack of the state from my research.

First, let me just say that this place was not easy to find.  We drove past it, turned around and almost drove past it again before we finally found it in the side of a strip mall and inside of a Subway. I guess we just thought someplace that was this highly touted would be a bit more obvious?

Once we got there, this place was small.  Basically one long counter-like table and a couple of booths.  Maybe Nebraskans always get their ice cream to go?  No outside tables or anything either.

The ice cream itself was good, but it wasn’t anything spectacular.  It was basically ice cream in the same vein as Baskin Robbins.  I still haven’t quite figured out what made this the must-have snack for the state, unless it’s just that they don’t have anything unique?  C obviously liked it, though.


Now that we were refueled, it was time to head out of Nebraska.  We have two states to visit before the night is over!



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