Road Side Stop: Carhenge

Our first morning in Nebraska, we were up early.  It was actually a little chilly this particular morning, and looked like we might have some rain. Fortunately, the weather held off and we ended up with a beautiful day.

Our first stop today was somewhere I remembered stopping when I was a kid.  We had stopped here when I was maybe 10 on a family trip through northern Nebraska to visit my grandparents in Colorado, and I remembered it as being really cool.  It hasn’t changed much since then, but apparently my opinion has as I didn’t find it nearly as fun this time around.

Carhenge.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  Stonehenge made out of old cars.

IMG_1940Stopping here is free, and it’s a neat little spot.  There really isn’t a whole lot else out here in the middle of nowhere, so if you find yourself in the area, it is worth the stop.

Unfortunately, my camera lens was not enjoying the humidity and had fogged up, so the pictures I took aren’t the best.  I did learn after this that if you keep one of those silica gel packs that comes in a new pair of shoes in your camera bag, it can help keep your lens from fogging.  That’s good to know.

There are some other miscellaneous car sculptures in the park as well, but they really aren’t much compared to the actually Carhenge.

After this, we were headed out for a day of historical landmarks.


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