Rest Stop: Days Inn West Rapid City

After leaving the Badlands hot, sweaty, and tired, we were all ready for some dinner and rest.  First stop was dinner.

I’d read about this chain of fast, wood fired pizza called Blaze.  We didn’t have these back in Iowa at the time.  So we stopped here for dinner.


We were impressed!  The pizza was really good.  Since then, Blaze has opened restaurants in Iowa, but not in our part of the state.  Instead, we have Your Pie, which is similar.  Both are really good.

Then it was time to head to our hotel for the night.  Again, nothing fancy since we are just sleeping and having breakfast.  Our stop for the night was the Days Inn in West Rapid City, South Dakota.

Unfortunately, my SD card in my camera decided to flake out on me at this point.  So, I didn’t get any of my own pictures.  I stole this one from Days Inn’s website.


Luckily there was a place right around the corner where we could get a new card and ice for the cooler the next morning.

Days Inn is a solid chain.  Not fancy, but clean and usually well-maintained. This one was no exception.  Breakfast here is pretty much the same as every other hotel.  It’s enough to fill you up, but not anything super special.

One really strange thing about Rapid City is the dinosaurs.  I wish my camera had been working so I had pictures, but really there are green brachiosaurs everywhere.  Including one that was basically looking right in our hotel room from the hill above the city.  I have no idea why they are there, but it is kind of creepy.

After some rest, we were going to be heading out on another grand adventure.


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