Road Side Stops: Wall Drug

After leaving the Minuteman Missile NHS, we headed a few miles down the road to the town of Wall, South Dakota.  Since entering the state, we had been seeing billboards for Wall Drug every 5 feet or so.  If you’ve been to South Dakota, you know I’m really not exaggerating.  So, obviously this place has to be absolutely amazing, right?

We pulled up in the parking lot and I knew right away this was going to be bad.  I mean, really bad.  First, in a parking lot designed to hold about 8 billion cars, there were maybe 2 empty spots.  And several spots had multiple motorcycles in them, because Sturgis was coming.  I do not like crowded places at all, so I was almost having an all out panic attack before I even got out of the car.  But this was a must-see in South Dakota, so I was going to brave the crowds and head inside no matter what.


We had two goals at Wall Drug: souvenirs and donuts.  Every place we stop on our road trips, everyone gets a souvenir.  This could get really expensive, but not the way we do it. We each have something we collect, and it’s made for a really fun souvenir tradition.  Each of the kids gets a postcard that they put the date on along with a special memory.  M collects souvenir pins, something he started at Disney World on our first trip there.  I collect refrigerator magnets.  So for usually less than $15, everyone gets a souvenir.  Pretty fun!

We walked in the main door, and it really didn’t seem too bad.  There were even some fun photo opportunities.


Once we left the main entry though, wowsers!  It was INSANE!  We found our souvenirs pretty quickly, and then made a beeline for the cafe area.  We bought our donuts to go, which were supposed to be amazing, and got the heck out of there!

The Donuts… mmmm….


So this is an awful picture.  The donuts were warm and gooey when we got them.  Everyone else ate their’s right away, but I was in complete panic mode, so I waited on mine for a while.  So it rode around in the box before its photo shoot.  But I can tell you it was absolutely delicious!

We had spent a lot less time at Wall Drug than I had planned because of the crowds, so we added one more stop to our itinerary while we were in Wall.


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