The State House: South Dakota

After a great first day and a good night’s sleep, we were off on Day 2.

The first capitol building we stopped at on this trip was in Pierre, South Dakota. Our goal is to see all 50 state capitols.

We were in Pierre on a Sunday, so the building was closed and we couldn’t go inside.  Luckily for us, it was a nice sunny day and the grounds were absolutely gorgeous.

Unlike some of the other capitols we would see on this trip, the South Dakota state capitol has a large green space around it, which made it look majestic.  This was a beautiful building, and very impressive.  Next to the capitol was a lake with a garden and walking paths.

There was a beautiful statue of the Fighting Mustangs in the garden.  The plaque reads:

Fighting Stallions Memorial was established by the people of South Dakota as a lasting memorial to eight South Dakotans who perished in an airplane crash, April 19, 1993.  The state plane, N86SD, crashed due to propeller assembly failure in poor weather on a farm near Dubuque, Iowa. Five state employees, including the Governor, and three Sioux Falls corporate leaders were on an economic development mission to save the largest agricultural processing employer in South Dakota.

IMG_9327 (1)

Nice little connection to Iowa and continued our plane crash theme.  Ok, so that wasn’t an intentional theme.  Let’s go with history instead.  And nature.


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