Rest Stop: Super 8 Pierre

Confession: this post is going to be pretty low on pictures.  Because I took one.  I have a reputation with my kids of taking too many pictures of hotel rooms and food.  I make them stand in the hallway while I take photos of the room, and they HATE it when I pull the camera out at dinner.  But for some reason, on the first part of this trip, my hotel and food pictures were not happening.  I apologize profusely.

Road trips are for experiencing the sites and we move around to a new place most nights, so no need for fancy hotels.  The main criteria I used when picking a place were 1) decent reviews – as long as it looked like it was clean and is in a safe neighborhood, that’s good. 2) Sleeping for 5 – sometimes that meant a cot for the last kid.  Next trip, I wouldn’t worry so much about that.  We can pack a sleeping bag and they can take turns. 3) Free breakfast if possible.  Hotel breakfasts may not be five-star, but they are usually filling and quick and save us both time and money.


Our first night on this trip was in Pierre, South Dakota.  I was pretty nervous about staying at Super 8.  I really had a bad view of the chain in my mind for some reason, although I can honestly say I don’t remember ever having stayed in one.  We were actually pleased with it, and have no issues staying at one again on our next trip.  Would it be my first choice if we were going to be doing more than sleeping?  Probably not.  But if you are coming in late and leaving early, just need a clean room and a decent bite to eat, it’s perfectly fine.

Just a side note…I do almost all of our bookings on  For every 10 nights, you earn 1 free.  Works well if you are staying in a bunch of hotels.  And they didn’t pay me to say that.

The next morning we would be off to see the booming metropolis that is Pierre, South Dakota.


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