Road Side Stop: Jolly Green Giant

Ho, ho, ho…Green giant!

We did meet a friendly Minnesotan on our drive across the state.  Looking for a good place to get out and stretch, I settled on the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota.  Unlike our stops at Iowa’s Largest Frying Pan and the Buddy Holly Crash Site, there were a lot of tourists here!  Apparently this is a very popular place to stop in southern Minnesota.

The park has a nice parking area, with room for probably close to 20 cars.  It’s a city park, and well maintained.  Even the rain barrels are themed.


There were plenty of photo opportunities before you even met the big guy:


Obviously, this was a bigger hit than the last two stops.  Once you got into the park, you came face-to-face with the Jolly Green Giant himself.  This guy was huge!  When you went around back, there were stairs so you could get right up there and stand between his giant stinky feet.


I don’t think he wears the Harley Davidson shirt most of the time, but we had suddenly begun to realize that all of the motorcycles on the highway were headed in the same direction as we were… yep.  Sturgis.  Not the best time to head to South Dakota.

After leaving our new green friend, we needed to fill up the car, and headed across the street.  Even the next-door gas station was getting in on the fun with Sprout hanging out in the parking lot.


So, that was it for Minnesota this trip.  Up next, we’ll head on into South Dakota for some more adventures.


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