Road Side Stop: Iowa’s Largest Frying Pan

Wait…what?  Iowa’s largest frying pan?

When you travel with kids, one thing I’ve learned is that you need to plan to stop every 2-3 hours.  For something more than a gas station pitstop, preferably.  A chance to get out, stretch your legs, switch drivers.  I also divide up how much time the kids are allowed on their electronic devices by how long the next leg of our trip is: they are allowed half the length of the leg, rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes, and only if that amount of time will be more than 30 minutes.  So, if the leg is less than 1 hour, no iPods.  Or if we are in a particularly scenic area, I’ll be mean and say no, too.  They really didn’t complain about this rule at all, and C used way less than his allowed time, with the exception that I let him use his iPad to take pictures and didn’t count that against him.

So, when I went looking for fun things to stop and see, I was a little disappointed that most of the “weird attractions” I found were clustered together or on the other side of the state.  But we were in luck with Iowa’s largest frying pan in Brandon, Iowa.

IMG_9149 (1)

This was actually pretty much right on the way to where we were going.  We had no trouble finding it – it’s kind of hard to miss once you get in to Brandon.  There are a few parking spots right out in front of it.  Strangely, we were the only ones there…

The kids tumbled out of the car, looked at the pan, looked at me, and said “Why did we stop for this?”  (Unbeknownst to them, there would be stranger stops…) So if you are wondering the same, here is a close-up of the sign explaining why Iowa has a largest frying pan at all.

IMG_9145 (1)

In case you are wondering, no we did not stop for “Fryin’ Pan” souvenirs.

Alright, everyone.  Back in the car.  We have another offbeat attraction coming up.



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