Rest Stop: Hampton Inn, Cocoa Beach, Florida

There are several choices for hotels in Cocoa Beach, ranging anywhere from expensive “resort” type hotels to shack-esque motels.  When I was looking for somewhere to stay on our trip, I wanted to stay somewhere decent, but that wouldn’t break the bank.  We also wanted somewhere with beach access.

We ended up at the Hampton Inn.  It was a pretty standard Hampton Inn, if you’ve stayed in one before.  It was clean, and the front desk staff was polite.  Since we didn’t plan to take advantage of amenities like the pool or free breakfasts on this trip, none of those really mattered in choosing this hotel.

You could tell this was on the Space Coast by the decor in the lobby.  C loved it.

Caleb hamming it up at the hotel

The beach access, as well as a foot washing station, was located just beyond the parking lot, with a nice short path to the beach.  It was convenient, and we spent quite a bit of our time on the beach so that was important.  We also had a nice view of the ocean from our room.


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