‘Ohana Best Friends Breakfast

After a night at Disney Springs, we slept in a little the next morning before heading out for breakfast.  We didn’t need a first thing in the morning breakfast this day as we were done with the parks and were just heading back to the airport.  We had an 11:00 reservation for our Magic Express bus, so I’d made our breakfast reservations for 8:30 to give us time to eat, travel back to Art of Animation, finish packing up, and make it to our bus on time.

We caught an 8:00AM bus to the Magic Kingdom, waved goodbye to the castle, and headed over to the monorail for a ride to our breakfast destination…the Polynesian Resort.  This was the first time we had been to the Polynesian, and I can honestly say this one is at the top of my list for places to stay someday.  It was absolutely beautiful!

‘Ohana was located upstairs, and we had plenty of time to look around.  We sat out in the little lobby area for a few minutes before heading in to our table.

Food: Oh my goodness!  The food at ‘Ohana is AMAZING!!  This is served a lot like the breakfast at Garden Grill.  It’s family style, served at your table, and the characters come around to see you.  You start off with a bowl of fresh fruit and a basket of sweet bread.  The bread was delicious! Obviously, we also started with glasses of POG juice again.  I seriously cannot get enough of this stuff.

After starting with the fruit and bread, the main course is delivered.  The skillet includes scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, sausage, Disney bacon (yum!), biscuits, and Stitch waffles. Everything was delicious, but the biscuits really didn’t stand a chance next to the waffles.

Atmosphere: ‘Ohana does a great job of making you feel like you are in Hawaii.  It’s beautiful and sunny, with lots of fun artifacts.  It is laid out a little strange, but once you get the lay of the land, you can find your way back out.

The characters come around to your tables.  We were met first by Lilo.  Then Pluto and Mickey in their luau outfits came around.

Mickey even signed J’s hat, and gave C’s Steamboat Willie some attention.  This was great character interaction!

Mickey signed Jesse's hat

Stitch was our last (but most important!) character meet of the trip. J LOVES Stitch and bought 3 different Stitch plushes this trip (regular Stitch, jedi Stitch, and pirate Stitch).  Stitch signed regular stitch for him and he was in heaven! Stitch does come around with a memory maker photographer, which is great and the whole family can get in the photo.

All of us with Stitch

Service: The service here was really good.  Of course, it should be since we are all family and family means no body gets left behind. 😉 Our “cousin” was very attentive and kept refilling our POG juice and offering us refills on our food.  It was a really fun meal, and we would definitely go back.

Tips: I can’t really give any food tips, as you don’t order.  It’s all good, so save plenty of room for this meal!  We found 8:30 a good time to go.  The people who were headed to the parks were out already, and those that were wanting to sleep in weren’t there yet.

After our breakfast at ‘Ohana, it was time to hop back on the monorail, check out of Art of Animation, and hop on our Magic Express back to MCO.


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