Our last night at Disney, after a full day at Animal Kingdom, we headed out to Disney Springs to do some souvenir shopping and have dinner.  On our last trip, one of the best meals we had was at T-REX in Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs).  Everyone wanted to go back in the hopes that the food would be just as good.

Food: It’s hard to photograph in this restaurant because of the lighting.  We were seated in the area where the meteor shower goes off, so the lighting was pretty red.  For appetizers we all shared the sampler platter and the mozzarella sticks.  They were pretty standard – possibly even frozen.

Mammoth Mozzarella at T-Rex

I don’t remember what the kids ate, and M had some sort of salmon dish.  I had the Prehistoric Pasta, which was not great.  All in all, I was pretty disappointed with this meal, but we’d eaten so much during the week that we didn’t really care.  For dessert we shared the Chocolate Extinction.  The cake was really dry.  Unfortunately I can’t say I’m dying to go back.  There are other places in Disney Springs that I want to try, and this one, while great the first time, was not impressive this time around.

Atmosphere: Unlike the food, the theming here is really good. The kids love it!  Loud does not begin to describe the noise level in this place!  Between roaring dinosaurs, meteor showers, and screaming kids, it is nuts. But nuts in a fun kind of way.

Service: Service here was slow.  Very slow. The meal took us a good hour and a half or more, which is a bit ridiculous for this place.  We waited forever for our check at the end, even though all we had to do was scan our Magic Bands and leave.

Tips: Ugh. I hate to say skip it, because we had such a good time the first time, but based on this trip I have to.  Try somewhere else like Raglan Road or Wolfgang Puck or even Earl of Sandwich.



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