Animal Kingdom (Part 2)

After a fabulous lunch at Yak and Yeti, we were right on time for our FP+ for Expedition Everest.  We hadn’t done this one before since two of the kids were below the height limit on the last trip.  This is one wild ride! I’m not a big coaster fan at all, so the whole backwards thing did not sit well with me.

Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest

We had FP+ for 3:45 for DINOSAUR, and had done really everything we wanted to do at Animal Kingdom other than that.  It was now 2:15.  We decided to check the line for DINOSAUR on the app, but it looked like everyone else in the park was over there, so we looked for something else to do instead. We got a quick snack, looked in some stores and then headed over to watch one more show before our fastpass window opened.

After spending some time swimming around with Nemo, we headed over to DINOSAUR.

After our ride through time and a few pictures, we were off and out of Animal Kingdom and done with parks for this trip.


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