Tusker House Breakfast

After a late dinner the night before, no one was particularly starving when we woke up on our last park day of the trip.  However, I’ve already told you how we love our 8:00 pre-park-opening breakfasts, and today we were headed to one of our favorites.

We hopped on a bus about 7:15 and got to Animal Kingdom in plenty of time.  We spent about 15 minutes waiting outside the gates watching this crane delivering “supplies” into the area where they are building Pandora.


About 7:45, they started letting everyone in.  The entire crowd was able to get into the Oasis area, which made for a general nightmare for those trying to get through to go to breakfast. I think this was a trial of a new park entry plan, but it was not a pleasant experience for us.  We finally jostled our way through the crowds and off to the left of the Tree of Life.  We headed down the path to Harambe, and arrived quickly at Tusker House.

There have been some changes since we last ate here, the first being that Donald use to meet outside with a photographer to take your family’s photo.  Now he meets inside.  It does speed up the seating process, which is good, but we missed the special photo op.

We were seated pretty quickly as we had opening reservations. The restaurant did fill up quickly, though, so I was glad we got in when we did.  We had some time before the characters started their rounds, so we headed up to the buffet.

Food: The food at Tusker House is a combination of typical buffet foods and some more unique items. They have your standards like eggs, Mickey Waffles, that wonderful Disney bacon, etc. But then they have things like Beef Boboti, Sweet Potato hash, and other things you don’t find other places.

Breakfast at Tusker House

Ambiance: Tusker House is a fun, well-themed restaurant. It’s designed like an African outpost…a good place to wait before heading out on safari. It’s a little crowded, and kind of loud, but it’s a character meal, so you kind of expect that.  The buffet area is large and well-spaced so that you aren’t running into people while you are filling your plates.

The characters make the rounds to the tables, and are some of the best interactions we’ve had with the Fab Five. (Well…4. No Minnie here.)  They are in their safari gear and are a lot of fun.

Service: There isn’t a lot to say about the service, as it’s a buffet.  We did always have fresh jungle juice and our plates were always cleared. The buffet was always full and clean.

Tips: Take the opportunity to try some new things here.  I particularly like the different fritatas they have and the sweet potatoes are good.  Reserve your breakfast early, as this place is always busy.  An 8:00 breakfast will get you out at or just after rope drop on a 9:00 opening day, which is great timing to head off on safari


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