Be Our Guest

So when we left off, G and I had just met Anna and Elsa for our 6:30 FP+ and were headed over to catch up with the guys for a 6:45 dinner reservations inside a castle in France.  Be Our Guest was the absolute must-have reservation for our little princess, and I was terrified we would be late due to the timing of that Fast Pass!  Luckily, we made it through the Fairytale Hall in record time, and got over to Be Our Guest with time to spare.  We arrived, ditched our ponchos, and had a few minutes to hang around in the armory before being called to our table.

Waiting for dinner in the armory

We were seated in the Rose Gallery with a great view of the music box.  We did all take an opportunity to tour the rest of the rooms and I took some pictures.

Food: Honestly, the food here wasn’t the draw, and I’m glad to say that we went into it not expecting greatness.  The kids weren’t overly excited by the menu, and I’d read pretty poor reviews. We were here a) for the ambiance and b) to meet the Beast.  I didn’t even remember to get photos of our dinner…mainly thanks to the fact that while we were eating, I got a phone call informing me that our credit card had been compromised.  Not something you want to hear while you are at Disney World!!  (Not to make you worried about your card security in Disney.  We are pretty sure it happened when we were in Chicago before we got to Florida.)

I do remember that G and J ordered off the kids menu and both started with the fruit cup.  I don’t remember what they had for entrees, but if I had to guess I would say the mac and cheese – that’s what they always order.  Obviously not memorable.

For the adults (and the “adult” 11 year old), M & C shared the Assorted Cured Meats and Cheeses.  They liked this, and C in particular liked it better than the charcuterie at The Wave…it was just a little less exotic.  I had the Potato Leek Soup, which was okay, but I really preferred the version I’d had at the Rose and Crown a few nights prior.

I honestly don’t remember what C or M had for entrees.  I know I had the grilled strip steak with pomme frites.  It was a pretty decent steak, and the fries were good enough.  Just not the best I’ve had.  Again, we weren’t here for the food.

Except for dessert.  Dessert at Be Our Guest is a must.  We tried several of the different cupcakes.  My absolute favorite was the lemon meringue.  Delicious!  Our waiter also brought us a complementary serving of the Grey Stuff for our anniversary.

Atmosphere: The theming of the restaurant is superb.  Disney really outdid themselves on this one.  It’s worth going once just to watch the snow fall through the windows, see the painting change, and admire the petals falling off the rose.  It’s beautiful.  It was rather loud, but it’s a busy place.

Service: Service here was fine.  Nothing spectacular, but not lacking either.  We did feel a little rushed by the speed at which our entrees followed our apps, but it wasn’t too bad.

Tips: Come at lunch time if meeting the Beast isn’t high on your priority list.  Definitely eat here just for the chance to see inside, but I’d just do dessert and eat a quick lunch elsewhere (like Casey’s…I’d rather eat their hot dogs.)

At the end of the meal, you do get a quick (and by quick I mean SUPER FAST) snapshot with the Beast on your way out.  They really push you through that part, so don’t get your hopes up for an extended interaction.

With the Beast

We headed back to the front of the park, unfortunately we were trying to get through as people were lining up for Wishes.  Yikes.  We did manage to get out and have a relatively quick bus ride back to Art of Animation.  We had one more park day to go…


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