Magic Kingdom (Part 2)

We had had a VERY successful morning at Magic Kingdom, had done everything on our touring plan,  and then some, and still had our three FP+ left to use.

We finished up lunch a little before 1:00, which was still too early to use our first FP+.  So, we headed across the “street” and hit up Mickey’s PhilharMagic for a little post-fuel stop. We’ve always enjoyed PhilharMagic.  It’s a cute little show and Donald is one of J’s favorite characters.  By the time the show ended, we were just inside our FP window, so we headed out for a flight over London.  Here is a little tip: If you want to do Peter Pan’s Flight (and you do, trust me!) get a FP.  I’ve never seen the line here less than insane, even at the off-times.  I wouldn’t even attempt without a FP, personally, but I am line-averse.

After our flight, we headed off to hit a few must-dos in New Fantasyland. Honestly, there wasn’t a lot we wanted to do again back here, and we really didn’t need to go to the SideShow Circus area, so this was going to be quick. We’d focused a lot of our last Magic Kingdom trip in Fantasyland, and were trying to do different things this time around.  But Under the Sea with Ariel is a must-do for G, so we decided this was a good time to squeeze that in, followed by a whirl on the ever-popular Tea Party.

By 2:00, we were headed out of Fantasyland and into the wonderful word of Tomorrow.  We explored a few new-to-us, but less than overwhelming shows: Carousel of Progress – a classic, yes, but also a snooze, and Stitch’s Great Escape – ummm….wow. What was that?  By this time is was around 3:00.  Our remaining to-do list was our upcoming FP+’s: Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Anna/Elsa, and Space Mountain.  So, we were down to “free time”.  We decided to try out the TTA People Mover.  I thought it was a great way to relax, but no one else was thrilled.

After a quiet ride through Tomorrow, we headed off back toward Fantasyland, stopping in front of the castle for a few pictures since the rain was temporarily stopped.

Magic Kingdom

We continued on to use our 4:15pm FP+ for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train.  By this time it was raining again, as you can tell by the ponchos we’re wearing in the photo.  Thanks to the FP, we were in and through the line in a matter of minutes, and off into a mine.  The kids liked this one, but I can’t say I was overly impressed.  I guess with all of the hype, I just expected something more.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We were through the Mine Train so quickly that we still a little over 2 hours before our last FP, had done everything on our must-do list, and weren’t really in the mood to just wander in the rain.  So we spent a few minutes discussing our options and decided to check on the wait for Anna and Elsa.  Over 90 minutes…nope, we’ll wait for the FP window.  We decided it would be fun to try Splash Mountain again, hoping that the cameras were working and we’d get that elusive picture and proof we had ridden the ride.

Splash Mountain

I don’t really recommend Splash Mountain in the rain, but you’re going to get wet, so why not?  There was absolutely zero line. And the cameras were up and running so I got my picture!

Next came the trickiest part of night time-wise.  The boys had a 6:00pm FP+ for Space Mountain. G and I had a 6:30pm FP+ for Anna and Elsa.  And we had a 6:45pm dinner reservation to get to.  Yikes!  I knew we were likely to be late for dinner, but it was the only time I could get those reservations and the only time I could get Anna and Elsa, and both were must-dos.  So, I figured we’d have to make it work.  The plan was that the boys would head over to dinner after Space Mountain, and G and I would be there as soon as we could.

Since we were in Frontierland and headed to Fantasyland/Tomorrowland, we decided to take a relaxing train ride. We boarded the train at Frontierland Station.  Originally G and I had planned to ride to Tomorrowland Station and get off with the boys there, then walk to Fantasyland.  As we approached the station at Storybook Circus, I had another idea.  So we disembarked and the boys went on to ride Space Mountain.

Space Mountain

While they were zooming through the atmosphere, G and I went to meet a couple of characters.  I figured we had time to do one line, so I asked which she wanted to do.  She chose the girls, of course! We looked like drowned rats, but we had fun.

We lucked out and there was no one in line.  We got through so fast that we had time to go to the other side (also no line) and meet the Great Goofini and Donaldo.

We left SBC about 6:20, and rushed over to Princess Fairytale Hall to meet our Frozen Friends.  About that time I got a text from M saying they were just getting off Space Mountain and headed toward dinner. We got to the hall, and the stand-by line was still over an hour.  We found the FP+ line…or where it should have been.  No line.  We walked right in.

After G accepted an invitation from Anna to watch the Northern Lights, we hustled over to dinner.  Want to hear about our meal?  Be my guest…



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