Magic Kingdom (Part 1)

After a breakfast with character(s), we were ready to head out into Magic Kingdom.  Having done Magic Kingdom for multiple days before, we limited ourselves to things we had previously missed or things we loved.  There were several things we chose to skip, so if you are reading this before your first trip, please don’t skip things based on my reviews!!  There are very few things I would routinely miss in this park.

Our must-do list for this day included:

  • 1:00-2:00 pm: Peter Pan’s Flight FP+
  • 4:15-5:15 pm: Seven Dwarves Mine Train FP+
  • 6:30-7:30 pm: Meet Anna & Elsa FP+ (me and G)/Space Mountain FP+ (M,C, and J)

We left Crystal Palace right at rope drop, and managed to be just ahead of all the crowds.  Even if we had been out a few minutes later, I wouldn’t have worried.  Most people head either towards Fantasyland or Tomorrowland when they enter the park, so we had decided to head to our left and spend the first part of our day in Adventureland.


We took a quick cruise through the Jungle and searched for Captain Jack.  I had thought about hanging out to catch Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial, but we were done with the rides we wanted to do in Adventureland by 9:30, and that didn’t start until 10:15.  Yes!  We rode both Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean in less than half an hour!  You can’t do that in the summer.  Score another point for off-season touring!

We spent the next part of the morning in the Wild West. Frontierland is usually not of much interest to us at this time of year because we usually hit Magic Kingdom when Splash Mountain is down for refurbishment.  We lucked out this year and it was running when we were there!  It was cold and misty, but we threw on our ponchos and hit the Brier Patch.  Of course, when we got done we discovered that the cameras weren’t running.  So, I had to improvise.

After splashing down, we headed over for one of the kids’ favorite attractions: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  This is one they could ride over and over.  As it was kind of sprinkling at this point, the rain was really hitting us in the face during the ride, which was a little painful.

The next stop on our original plan was to hit lunch at Columbia Harbor House.  However, it was just now 11:00 and after a big breakfast, no one was overly hungry at this point.  I had no idea we would be moving so fast through our touring plan.  So, we decided to wait on lunch and headed on into Liberty Square and towards my all-time favorite Disney ride.

Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion

G still hates that one! lol After visiting our ghost host, we headed off for something new to all of us.  When the kids were younger, we skipped The Hall of Presidents, knowing there was no way they would sit through it.  I wasn’t sure all of them were going to love it, but I knew M and C were both interested in history, so I had high hopes.  The kids all enjoyed the artifacts in the gallery while we were waiting for the show to open.

M and I really enjoyed the show itself.  C thought it was good, while the little two both nodded off. Oh, well. We tried. By this time we were getting a little munchy, but it was straight up noon, and we didn’t want to fight the lunch crowds quite yet.  So, we decided to do one more ride while everyone else was eating and then we’d grab lunch.

Everyone sing along now…

We decided we weren’t interested in backtracking to Columbia Harbor House just for lunch, so we stopped right next door at Pinocchio Village Haus.  We’d done this one before without being impressed, but we weren’t overly hungry, the line wasn’t bad, and the menu had been revamped, so we were hopeful.  The food actually turned out to be better than we remembered, so we were pleased. We all ended up with some sort of flatbread (aka pizza) and the ever-present Disney chocolate cake.

After lunch, we were ready to explore a world of Fantasy


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