Crystal Palace – A Buffet With Character(s)

After finishing our exploration of EPCOT on Wednesday, we were all dragging a bit, but it was time for a magical day, and there’s no time for rest!  We boarded our bus for the Magic Kingdom at 7:05 Thursday morning and reached the tapstiles at about 7:35. They didn’t let us into the park as early as they have in the past. In fact it was almost 8:00 before the reservation line even started moving. I overheard someone say something about the weather holding something up, but I’m not sure.

Once we did get in, we made a bee-line down Main Street USA toward the castle. Unfortunately, because of the rain there weren’t many early morning photographers out. We did find one under an overhang on a corner and stopped for a quick pic.

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom

Isn’t G’s hair cute??  Unfortunately with the rain, it didn’t hold up all day, but it started out great and she got lots of complements on it. We also got lots of comments on our Mickey head tie-dye shirts.


We hustled over to Crystal Palace and got in a long line to check in for our 8:00am reservation. They asked for a cell phone number so they could text me when our table was ready, which I thought was really cool and much more handy than giving everyone a buzzer. Of course, as soon as the hostess entered my number it texted me saying our table was ready.  Literally within 2 seconds of her putting in the number.

We went in and sat at our table. The cast member brought our drinks and told us we had some time before the characters came around, so went ahead and went up to the buffet.

Food: The Crystal Palace has a really good buffet. Lots of fresh fruits, cheese, and your “normal” breakfast foods: bacon, sausage, eggs, potato casseroles, pancakes, and Mickey waffles. But then there are these two items:


On the left is Pooh’s puffed french toast. It reminds me of beignet covered in cinnamon and sugar. Unfortunately, they were having trouble with the french toast the morning we were there and it didn’t get brought out until we were almost finished. But it’s a can’t skip item. The one on the right is breakfast lasagna. I’m not sure exactly what all is in it other than berries, pudding, and banana, but it is good. Super duper sweet, so I can’t eat more than a few bites, but worth trying.  Overall, we really like the food at Crystal Palace for breakfast. We haven’t tried lunch or dinner there, so I can’t say how the food is, but breakfast is highly recommended.

Atmosphere: The Crystal Palace is a beautiful restaurant. Light, airy, sunny, and well laid-out with the buffet in the middle. It is huge, but doesn’t seem as crowded as a lot of other places on Disney property.

Service: It’s a buffet, so there isn’t a lot to say about the service really. It was fine. The characters were really good though. We are all fans of the Hundred Acre Woods crew, so we enjoy meeting them.

Tips: Go early! This is a great one to do as an 8:00am reservation. The meal itself, including meeting all 4 characters, takes us right at an hour, so we get out exactly at rope drop on a 9:00am opening day. It puts you just that much ahead of other people coming into the park. Of course, we weren’t rushing off to any headliners, but if you were, it would help. Definitely try the Pooh’s puffed french toast and the breakfast lasagna!


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