Via Napoli (and a little photo fun)

After our fabulous time at the Behind the Seeds tour, we had some time to kill before our dinner reservation.

The Land Pavilion in Epcot
The Land Pavilion in Epcot

We had a fastpass for Mickey and Friends in an hour, but we also had our Chase Disney Visa card, so we decided to see who was over in the cardholders meet and greet and then see if we still wanted to use that fastpass or just skip it.

With Mickey and Goofy
With Mickey and Goofy

Since we saw Mickey, we decided to skip the fastpass and spend our time doing other things. After another trip through Sum of All Thrills and another ride on Mission Space, we spent some time seeking out Memory Maker photographers to get our picture taken.


The guy taking pictures near Mission Space was the best we had all week.

After our photo fun, it was time to head to Italy for our dinner reservations. Everyone online seems to RAVE about Via Napoli. So I had made sure to get a reservation there so we could try it out, and we were not disappointed!

Food: The food…oh. my. goodness! Everything here was SO good. For appetizers, I don’t remember what everyone else got, but I had the Arrancini and they were fabulous. I could have made a whole meal of those by themselves! We all ordered pizza for dinner. The downside of the dining plan here is that you can’t share, which means everyone had to order their own individual pizza. We did end up ordering several types so that we could try various toppings. I was “boring” and had the pepperoni, which was good. Dessert time came around and none of us were overly hungry, but it was paid for, so we went ahead and ordered. I had the pistachio gelato – this is probably the best gelato/ice cream/frozen dairy treat I have ever had. SOOOOOOOO yummy!!!

Atmosphere: LOUD! Do not go here if you are looking for somewhere to have a nice, peaceful dinner. It was VERY crowded, and VERY loud. The tables are very close together, so you can’t really have much conversation unless you want to have everyone around you as a part of your discussion. It didn’t really bother us too much, but if you were looking for a quiet place, it would not be here.

Service: We had a fantastic waiter as far as service and interaction went. He was happy to talk in Italian for the kids and was good with recommendations, etc. However, he was definitely overworked. Not his fault as the place was really busy and he had too many tables to take care of. He was always running around, and service was pretty slow. Our reservations were at 6:15. We were there a little early, seated right away, and still didn’t leave until almost 8:00.  And this was at a “slow” time of year by Disney standards. I can’t imagine what it’s like in the summer!!

Tips: Book at an off time. Like a really early dinner or late lunch. Then maybe you’ll have better luck with the crowds and service won’t be as slow. If you are on the dining plan and are looking for a meal to pay out of pocket on to save credits for a signature meal, this would be a great place to do so. Then you could get one of the larger pizzas to share rather than individuals for everyone. There is just WAY too much food!

After dinner, we headed out of World Showcase as fast as we could since people were starting to line up for the 9:00 IllumiNations, which we had seen already on Monday.  We did stop for one last picture before heading back to Art of Animation for a little pool time and bed before getting up for a breakfast with some of our favorite characters.

a wet night at Epcot
a wet night at Epcot

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