Hollywood Studios (Part 2)

After lunch at 50’s Prime Time Cafe, we were pretty stuffed, but ready to finish up Hollywood Studios. We really just planned on doing some shows and stuff this afternoon.  The park was starting to feel a little crowded, so we were glad we’d gotten most of the big rides out of the way.

We started out with Indiana Jones Stunt Show.  I thought I took pictures, but apparently not. It’s a good show. This wasn’t the first time we’d seen it, and it’s pretty much always the same. I actually thought the extras were better the first time around, so wasn’t that impressed. After seeing some stunts, we headed over to use our fast pass for Star Tours.

C3-PO at Star Tours
C3-PO at Star Tours

We got one of the new scenes, which was really cool. The line wasn’t too long, so we decided to ride a second time. Then we decided to split up for a while. The boys wanted to see the Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show before it closed. G and I didn’t really care about that one, but I wanted to do the Great Movie Ride, which the boys weren’t sure they wanted to do.  So we went our separate ways. G and I also stopped at a Fastpass kiosk to get a fourth fastpass for the day. We chose to get a fastpass for Fantasmic! so we could spend more time doing park things and less time standing in line.

After the Great Movie Ride, G and I wandered around a little bit through Streets of America before heading back to try and meet up with the boys outside of Lights Motors Action. I do not recommend trying to meet anyone after that show! I didn’t realize so many people fit in that arena, but it is definitely NOT easy to find people!!

After finally reconnecting, we headed back towards Sunset Boulevard for one last show. On the way, we ran across the end of a Characterpalooza and saw some rare characters!

Then we booked it over to the Beauty and the Beast theater for the show there. We had skipped it last time and G wanted to see it so bad. Unfortunately, none of us were really impressed. It was OK, but definitely not our favorite. The plan for after the show was supper. However, we were all still stuffed from lunch, so we decided to skip eating for now.  The boys had changed their minds about wanting to do the Great Movie Ride after G and I told them about it, so we decided to head back over there and ride it again. There was absolutely no wait, so it was a great decision.

After riding through the greatest movies of all time (or not…), we stopped for a small snack at Hollywood Scoops and made our way to the Fantasmic! amphitheater. Thanks to our Fastpass, we didn’t have to wait in line, but it was SO crowded inside!! We got fairly good seats slightly to the left of center and about 3/4 of the way up.

After Fantasmic!, J started complaining that his tummy hurt. I thought he was probably just tired and had too much sugar or something, so I got him some water and we headed off towards Echo Lake. We got some seats right along the fence around Echo Lake, and watched the Star Wars Symphony in the Stars Fireworks.

Thankfully, this location put us near the front of the park, so we were able to get out to the buses quickly and didn’t have to wait for a second bus. Unfortunately, this would end up being a super long night. J’s tummy ache wasn’t just exhaustion, and he was up sick twice in the night. Luckily, housekeeping at Art of Animation was great. It took them a while to get there, but once they did they were very efficient and did a great job.

However, it did make for a long night before another early morning!


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