50’s Prime Time Cafe

After meeting our galactic pals, it was time to refuel. We had reservations for 50’s Prime Time Cafe. We’d never eaten here before, but were excited to try someplace new.


It was pretty busy, as Hollywood Studios was really beginning to feel crowded around this time. They had extended the special Star Wars fireworks, so a lot of people were coming to the park this afternoon and planning to stay for those. Thankfully, we only had a few minutes to wait before our table was ready. In the meantime, the kids watched some old black and white TV.

G watching some 50’s television

Soon our table was ready and we headed off for lunch with Uncle Tim, who was surprised at how much the kids at grown since Christmas. The kids were really confused – he’s not our uncle! Lol

Food: The food at 50’s Prime Time Cafe can pretty much be summed up as good old fashioned comfort food. It’s not fancy or “special”, but it’s delicious, and there is plenty of it!  I started out with the lettuce wedge salad. It was fresh and crisp, and really hit the spot.

Cousin Amy's Iceberg Lettuce Wedge at 50's Prime Time Cafe
Cousin Amy’s Iceberg Lettuce Wedge at 50’s Prime Time Cafe

One of the kids must have had the onion rings, since there is a partially eaten one on my plate. I know M had those and thought they were really good.

For entrees, G & J both had the mac & cheese. It was pretty much your standard Disney mac & cheese and served with green beans and carrots, which my kids forced down.  M had the Meatloaf, which came with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans.  He declared the meatloaf to be excellent. The mashed potatoes were okay, but he’s not a gravy fan, so you couldn’t expect much better than that. C & I both ordered the fried chicken, which came with mashed potatoes and corn. It was a LOT of chicken! Seriously, enough to feed two people at least. But it was fantastic! The potatoes were good too. The corn was fine, but being from Iowa, we are used to good fresh sweet corn, and this was most likely frozen.

Atmosphere: Disney did a great job on theming with this one. The formica tables, black & white tube televisions, everything was just like being in a 1950’s style home. The tables were a little close for comfort, but it was a fun place to be.

Service: Uncle Tim was fabulous! He was so into his role! The kids got lectures about finishing their veggies. A teenager at the table next to us got put in the corner for texting during the meal. The kids thought the whole thing was hilarious.

Tips: If you are not on the dining plan, this would be a great place to share a meal, especially if you are planning on ordering the chicken, which I would recommend. There is plenty for two people. Also, remember that what you are getting here is comfort food, so it’s going to be pretty heavy on your stomach. Don’t plan to go from here to something like Rock’n’Roller Coaster!

Luckily, we had slightly tamer plans for the afternoon


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