Hollywood & Vine Play & Dine

Our second morning at Disney we were headed off to Hollywood Studios. I chose our parks for the day based on the crowd calendar over at easywdw.com.  I find that Josh does a great job of picking the best park to visit each day and estimating crowd levels. You’ll also notice in our pictures that I had outfits picked for each day of the trip. The theme of our outfits for Hollywood Studios was The Avengers!

Looking tired, but ready for a day of Avenging!

Yes, the kids look worn out. We were out late at EPCOT the night before, but had 8AM breakfast reservations again, which meant an early morning bus ride from Art of Animation to Hollywood Studios.  We hopped on a bus at 7:15 and were at Hollywood Studios by 7:30, plenty of time to line up for the reservations line.

One of the reasons I love these early morning breakfasts is that there is NO ONE else in the park. It’s great to get to walk through the streets and have a clear view of the Chinese Theater.

We only had to wait a few minutes once we arrived at Hollywood and Vine for our name to be called. Once inside, we were served juices and told that we had a few minutes to hit the buffet before the characters would be around. We’d done this breakfast before, so we knew kind of which foods we were looking forward to having. We also ended up sitting at the exact same table, which was kind of funny.

Breakfast from Hollywood and Vine
Breakfast from Hollywood and Vine

Food: This is one of my plates from the buffet. I had a plate of fresh fruit and yogurt first, but evidently didn’t get a picture. From bottom clock-wise: Disney bacon, grapes, chocolate mini muffin, cheese danish, potato casserole. The stand-outs here (as far as I’m concerned anyway) are the cheese danish and potato casserole. I love a good cheese danish, and these are some of the best I’ve had. Plenty of creamy filling that isn’t over-the-top sweet, with a nice flaky pastry.

Atmosphere: This is a fun place, especially if you have younger kids. At 11, C was definitely not impressed by the characters, and after the first one came around, couldn’t be bothered to get in pictures anymore. G & J were on the edge of being too old at 7 & 8. Last time we were here, they were definitely more into it. The characters to meet at this meal currently are Handy Manny, Jake, Doc McStuffins, and Princess Sophia.

They do some fun little dance parties every so often, too. Singing songs that your kids will  know if they watch Disney Jr at all – the Hot Dog song, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, etc.

Dancing with Jake and Handy Manny
Dancing with Jake and Handy Manny

The restaurant itself is pretty crowded and noisy, but they have to fit in a lot of people who want to meet the characters. It’s not a place for a relaxing meal. But, if you want to meet the Disney Jr gang or just want an early breakfast in Hollywood Studios, it’s the place to be.

Service: This is a buffet, so there isn’t a lot of service involved.  Our server did a good job of keeping our drinks filled, and there was always someone running around to take empty plates, which is always nice at a buffet.

Tips: This is a fun place for the preschool crowd. When our kids were 3 – 6, it was perfect. Now that they’re a little older, they aren’t as into this set of characters, so I think we would skip it in the future and maybe do one of the breakfasts at a near-by resort instead.  We do still enjoy the early park entry, although at Hollywood Studios it seems to be less of an advantage than it is at the other parks. They do let people in early more often here, and the rush to the headliners isn’t as big of a deal. If you do go, try the cheese danish and potato casserole. There’s also a great selection of fresh fruits, which is a great find at Disney!

Now it’s time to explore Hollywood!


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