The Rose & Crown Dining Room

Dinner on our first EPCOT night was at the Rose & Crown Dining Room in the UK pavilion. I had heard great things about Rose & Crown, and thought it was one of the safer places in the World Showcase to get the kids to eat. We had 7:15pm reservations. I intentionally went for a late-ish dinner, even though we’d had an early morning, because I was hoping that we’d be able to watch the fireworks from our table.

We checked in for our reservation a few minutes early and were given a pager that would let us know when our table was ready. The hostess informed us that the pager would work anywhere in the UK pavilion, so we headed off in search of the source of some music we could hear.  We ended up sitting on the corner listening to this band play some classic British rock music.


They were really good, and it was a fun little rest before dinner. Our pager went off after about 10 minutes, and we went back to the Rose and Crown. We were shown to our seats, which were on the patio. At first, I was really happy with our location, because if dinner took long enough, we would have perfect seats for the fireworks. After a few minutes though, we were freezing! The patio was covered, but there was a gap in the covering close to where we were sitting, and the breeze off the lake was really cold.

It was so cold, in fact, that I don’t really remember much of the meal. All I remember is the cold. I also was too cold to take many pictures of what we ate, so my FAST review will be pretty short.

FOOD: Like I said, I don’t remember much. I know I started with the potato leek soup, which was hot and good. I think someone (C maybe?) had the meat and cheese tray again. I know for entree, C had the bangers and mash. I can’t remember any of the rest of the entrees – even my own. For dessert, again I don’t remember what anyone else had, but I had the warm apple and rhubarb crumble. (“Warm” sounded really good!) It was pretty tart, but I like tart rhubarb, so I enjoyed it.

I remember the food as being OK, but not great. It obviously wasn’t overly memorable.

Atmosphere: COLD! If you go in January/February, I would try to get an inside seat. Of course, that won’t work as well for seeing the fireworks, but we would have probably enjoyed our food a lot more inside. It was also dark, and the tables were incredibly close together. Overall, I don’t think the view was worth it.

Service: Nothing memorable. I do remember J asking the waitress how to say “thank you” in her language, and she thought that was hilarious. They’d been asking cast members all day at the kid cot stations, so he just kept it up at dinner.

Tips: Like I said, sit inside, or go in warm weather. I’d love to tell you more, but I really can’t say anything stands out as a particularly delicious dish.

About 15 minutes before IllumiNations started, one of the cast members came around and removed the patio cover. This made it even colder, but did give us an even better view for the show. It was an unbeatable view for the fireworks, and since we’d never seen IllumiNations before, it was worth it for this time. Next time, I think we’ll either try getting a quick service dinner and finding a spot to eat and stay there for the show or we’ll pick somewhere else to eat.

After the show, we meandered back to the buses and headed back to Art of Animation. We needed a good night’s sleep before another early morning!


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