EPCOT: World Showcase (part 1)

At this point in our first full day at Disney World, we had used all of our FP+ for the day, had breakfast at Garden Grill, met Baymax, ridden several rides, and had a fun morning in Future World. It was time to move on and explore half of World Showcase. We headed toward the bridge to cross into the showcase. Our plans and must-dos for World Showcase today included:

  • Snacking 1/2 way around the world: Canada, UK, France, Morocco, Japan, US
  • Explore the 1st 6 countries
  • Pick-A-Pearl
  • 7:15pm reservation at The Rose and Crown Dining Room

On the way across the bridge, we stopped at a kiosk to pick up a F.O.N.E. device to play Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. This is a little game that is supposed to help you explore the different countries in the World Showcase. We’ll get to that later, but we did stop on the way, knowing where we were headed and that if we didn’t pick it up now, we would have to backtrack to get the device.

Japan and Morocco Pavilions
Japan and Morocco Pavilions

Our plan for lunch and snacks for the day was to Snack (halfway) Around the World. This was a lot of fun, and the kids really did great at trying new foods. My only complaint was that most of the snacks we came up with to try, especially on this day, were sweets. I would love to find more healthy or at least less sweet ideas if we do this again.

We were going to tour counter-clockwise to keep up with our plan of the right hand side of EPCOT. So, the first country we came to was Canada. Having done my research ahead of time, I knew there wasn’t much to offer in the way of snacks in Canada, so we stopped at the Refreshment Port, which isn’t technically in Canada, but close enough. Our snack for this stop was Cronuts. We got 2 for the 5 of us to share. They were warm and flaky, and covered in sweet cinnamon sugar. They were really good, but we were covered in sugar when we were done.

We wandered through Canada fairly quickly. We’d already decided that we weren’t interested in seeing any of the movies in World Showcase. There was more to do and we can see them on youtube. After a quick pass through our northern neighbors’ pavilion, we were on to the UK.

No snack for us in the UK, as we had dinner plans here later and were counting that as our UK food. Instead we set off to play the Agent P Adventure. You turn on your little F.O.N.E. and it gives you instructions for different places to go to find Perry or Dr. Doofenshmirtz. It was fun for a while, but it went on and on and on, and eventually even the kids got tired of it. We only did the one.

While in the UK, we did stop to meet a practically perfect nanny. We also stopped in at the Crown and Crest and ordered a family crest print for our home. This is a great shop, and fun to stop in and look up your name, even if you aren’t planning to buy anything.


From there we were off to France. We wandered through some shops, stopped at the KidCot station (which we did in every country – the kids loved that), and then got some ice cream from L’Artisans de Glaces.

We shared a bowl each of mint chocolate chip and lemon meringue. The lemon was by far my favorite. It was delightful.

Morocco was next. I would have liked to spend more time wandering and exploring Morocco, as I found the architecture and tilework fascinating. But C is evidently allergic to sandalwood, and almost all of the shops were burning sandalwood incense that day. So, we ended up just looking around quickly and then getting our snack. We stopped at the Tangierine Cafe for schwarma. (If you have an Avengers fan, it’s a must do.) We had both lamb and chicken, and I was surprised at how much the kids loved it! We also had some baklava for dessert.

After Morocco, we headed over to Japan, which was where we were all most excited to go. G & I were both excited to pick pearls, and the boys wanted to check out Pokemon stuff at Mitsukoshi. G and I both ended up with really nice pearls. Then we picked up some kakigori and sat outside to snack.

Kakigori is pretty much a snow cone. Nothing special. But the other option was sushi, and I have a fish allergy, so that wasn’t going to happen. The best part of eating the kakigori was the ducks who were swarming around us trying to get our snacks.

Then we headed over to the American Pavilion to catch the American Adventure show. We got there right as a new show was opening, so we went right in. I thought it was an interesting show, but the kids weren’t excited. One or more of them may have chosen to nap…

American adventure pavilion
American adventure pavilion

No snacks in America as we were feeling a little full and had dinner reservations coming up. We justified it by saying “we live in America…we can snack here whenever we want!” We did decide to go ahead and hit one more country in the hopes of shortening our next EPCOT day so the kids could have some pool time. So, we went to Germany. While some of the group took a pit stop, the rest of us checked out the train. We named this squirrel (in the second picture below) “Squirrelzilla”. Imagine if you were small enough to live in one of these cottages and a squirrel that size came and sat in your garden.  No thank you!

We stopped and got some snacks at Karamel Kuche in Germany to take and eat later. Or that was the plan. Some of these snacks disappeared pretty quickly!

Snacks from Karmel Kuche (caramel filled chocolate cookie, caramel corn, chocolate and caramel covered marshmallows, and sea-salt dark chocolate caramel)

On the way back, we took some photos across the lake. We also had to stop back at Mitsukoshi for the ring I had ordered with my pearl.

Then we were ready to check in for dinner


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