EPCOT: Future World (part 1)

Our first day at EPCOT, we planned to hit the right side of Future World in the morning and the right half of World Showcase in the afternoon. We managed to do pretty much everything we had planned and then some – I love Disney in late January! Heading out that morning, here was our list of plans/must dos for Future World:

  • 8:00am – Garden Grill reservations
  • 9:15-10:15am – Living with the Land FastPass+
  • 10:15-11:15am – Seas with Nemo & Friends FastPass+
  • 11:25-12:25pm – Journey Into Imagination FastPass+
  • Head over to World Showcase for lunch
  • Must do list: Living with the Land, Seas pavilion, Club Cool

Since we finished up breakfast right at 9:00, we could go pretty much anywhere we wanted. Normally, we would have high-tailed it for Soarin’ before a crowd formed there, but it was down for refurb. With a 9:15 window opening for our FP+ for Living with the Land, we weren’t going to leave the Land yet, so that left the Circle of Life movie.

It was us and one other couple for the first showing of the movie. So, we had good seats! lol It was a very cute little movie, even though it was incredibly outdated and in need of being redone. It’s since been shut down, so I guess I’m not the only one who felt that way. I’m glad we saw it before it closed, but it wasn’t much.

From there we headed over to use our (unnecessary) FP+ for Living with the Land. Really in late January/early February, there are very few things FP+ is necessary for. At this point, though, you still had to make 3 or none, so we had them. Anyway, we got right on to the ride, and were off into the greenhouses.

We were all really impressed with the glimpse of the greenhouses, and the kids were asking to go again. M & I didn’t really see a need to go through again, but did think if we had time our second day at EPCOT that it might be fun to check out more of what there is to see there.

After that, we were done with the Land and headed off to the Seas. We went on the Seas with Nemo and Friends. This was a cute little ride, but nothing special. Again, a complete waste of a FP+. Compared to the Little Mermaid ride at Magic Kingdom, which is virtually identical, this was a bit of a let down.

We came out into the massive line of people waiting for Turtle Talk with Crush. “Crush” is what they should have called the moment when the doors opened. Yikes. It was SUPER crowded in the auditorium, and people were really rude. I ended up standing over by the wall to a) get a better view of my kids who were down front, b) get away from the guy talking on his cellphone, and c) not have to smell the person sitting next to me. (gag) I won’t sit through this one again. Maybe if you have preschoolers. Maybe.

Thankfully after that we were able to get out fairly quickly and check out some of the aquarium exhibits. It was starting to get pretty crowded by around 10:30 – it had started sprinkling, so people had headed in to keep dry. I was feeling pretty claustrophobic by that point, and we’d just been to the aquarium in Omaha, so we decided to head out into the rain. Hey, we don’t melt!

There was a special Disney friend that J was really excited to meet and I knew he was meeting over in the old Innoventions building, so we headed that direction.

The squirrels in Florida are extremely friendly
The squirrels in Florida are extremely friendly

Wait…that’s not him! Squirrel!

Meeting Baymax
Meeting Baymax

It’s Baymax! There was a moderately long line to meet him, but again it was starting to rain, and the line was indoors. We got done and J had to make a pitstop. I didn’t really want to stand around in the rain waiting with the other two, so we decided to split up. M took him, and C,G, and I headed over to Club Cool for a drink while we waited for them.

Club Cool

We had a lot of fun trying the different flavors. M was so excited that they had Guaraña. He’d discovered that on one of his work trips to Brazil and really likes it. If you haven’t been in here, give it a try. And try the Beverly…

About the time M & J joined us at Club Cool, we got a text saying that Journey Into the Imagination was down, so our FP+ (which again would have been fairly useless) was now good for any of the attractions on a list they sent. Since Journey was down, we didn’t really have any other reason to go to the Imagination Pavilion, and it was only about 11:15am, so we weren’t ready to head to World Showcase for lunch yet. So, we decided to use that FP+. When I had made our reservations, I hadn’t been able to get FP+ for Mission Space, but it was on the list, so we decided that’s where we were headed.

Mission Space

M & C decided to ride Orange (the more intense version), while I took the little ones on Green.  We had such a great time! The kids really wanted to head back through for another mission, but we were getting hungry and the exotic flavors from World Showcase were calling our names…


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